Congratulations to Grant King for his Print of the Month – “Harbour Bridge Climb”.

Merit awards were received by:

Geraldine Lefoe – “Shinjuku Nightmares”
Brian Lefoe – “Twin Falls”
Linda Fury – “Broken” & “The Midnight Oil House”
Stephen Kirk – “Yummy”
Geoff Smith – “One Tree and Approaching Storm”
Jenny Reece – “Feather With Droplet”, “Kangaloon in Autumn” & “Jungfrau Snow Plough”
Mark Schodde – “In For Repair”
Rowan Hollingworth – “Decayed Tomato” & “White Agapanthus”
Grant King – “St James”
Greg Cunningham – “Merida Statues”

Credit Awards were received by:

Nathan Miller – “Ouie Reflection” & “Overflow”
Phillip Reece – “Lausanne Vines”
Geoff Smith – “The Dish”
Flavio Spedalieri – “Lone Cypress” & “Deep Blue”
Stephen Kirk – “Zhengshou Railway Station” & “Feathers?”
Mark Schodde – “Valley Sunset”
Jennie Matheson – “Who Needs Swimmers?”
Toni Mostyn – “Feathered Friend”

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